This is an exert from our June 2020 newsletter. For the full newsletter, along with photos, you can  Click Here.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” We love this verse because it reminds us that God’s plan for our lives are so perfect. His timing and His will make for a beautiful story if we choose to follow after what He has for our lives.

We have experienced the faithfulness of God every day here in Madagascar. We love these people and have had the pleasure to call it home for many years. This place holds our hearts.

Now for the big news!

A few years ago, the Assemblies of God team here in Madagascar asked us to join their team. It was an honor to be asked and we have been in a “relational partnership” with them ever since. Nothing was official, but they welcomed us to the team and family. At the beginning of this year, we really began to feel God leading us in the direction of the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) in an official capacity. We said yes, started the process, and we are becoming AGWM missionaries!

It’s a bittersweet time as we are having to say goodbye to pastoring and to the Wellness Center, which is very difficult. We love our Living Word family. But we are also looking forward to the ministry opportunities that AGWM has on the field here in Madagascar.

So what does this mean?

AGWM does require Reinier to have a social security number. This is necessary for the organization, but also beneficial to us as a family long-term. We will be applying at the US embassy in Madagascar for his green card and then leave for the States for 12-15 months to apply for his citizenship as well as itinerate as AGWM missionaries. We hope to be back in the States in September. We will still be living off support during our time in the States as we serve churches and raise funds for the ministry in Madagascar. The budget is bigger for this organization and we are looking forward to partnering with even more churches and individuals. Afterwards, our plan is to return to Madagascar to work with the team here.

What can you do?

Pray for us! We have a lot of paperwork, especially concerning the immigration process. We need favor and for paperwork to be processed quickly. Pray that God lays it on people’s hearts to give and partner with us in a financial capacity. And also, pray that He leads us in this time as we say goodbye to Madagascar for a season. This place really is home!

Thank you for your continued love and support for us. We know that God’s plans are perfect and He does make everything beautiful!

Reinier, Kristen, Joshua, and Baby Vorster