Coming Into A New Season

I remember the faces of the children begging in the streets.

I remember the smiles of the people hearing the good news of Christ.

I remember the generosity of the Christians who had nothing, yet possessed everything.

And I remember the exact moment that I knew I wasn’t going home the same.

I was riding in the car looking out the window at the beautiful (yet extremely crowded!) city of¬†Antananarivo, Madagascar. It was then I begin questioning how I could go home to my nice apartment, plenty of food, and all of the other blessings that I knew I didn’t deserve. And it was then I realized that I really didn’t want to. Madagascar had my heart!

So I came home to my “real life” and began praying about what The Lord wanted from me and I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t done with Madagascar quite yet! So, because of this, I have decided to spend some extended time there, doing missions work and working with Living Word Church- Madagascar! I will be leaving in January and returning in June for this trip and will be seeking The Lord for what long-term opportunities that He has for me, whether it’s there or back here in America. It is a step of faith, but one that I have complete confidence in knowing that The Lord will be with me through it all.

I will be posting more later, but I wanted you to know where my life is headed and for you to hear my heart! My request is that you pray for me!

-Pray for doors to be opened that need to be opened and doors to shut that need to be shut.

-Pray for finances to come through. The Lord has never failed me and I don’t believe that He is going to start now!

-Pray that my heart is prepared for whatever He has for me. (Even if this means 6 months without Mexican food!)

Thanks so much for walking through this journey with me! It’s going to be a wild ride, but I am confident in the God who is leading me through it!


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