We’re The Same

Hello from Madagascar! I love getting the chance to sit down and write and just talk about what the Lord has been showing me through my times here. My prayer is that you don’t only hear my heart in these posts, but more importantly, you hear His. Thanks for your prayers and support!

People are constantly telling me how proud they are of me for going across the world and ministering. I get people telling me how awesome I am and complimenting me on what I’m doing here. And honestly, I get it. I have told people that I’m proud of them and have looked up to people in ministry all my life.

But can I just be honest for a second?

I really don’t think that I’m anything special.

I guess because the only reason that I’m here is because I chose to be obedient to what God had for me. I didn’t put on a super-Christian cape when I got on the plane. I am still just Kristen…a normal girl who chooses to obey a really big God.

My obedience just happens to be in a different geographical location than most. And that makes me no more special than you.

Yes, you.

You- the person who straightens up the chairs after your church service. We’re the same.

You- the Pastor who comes home tired after a long day of ministering to people. We’re the same.

You- the lady telling people about Jesus at your 9-5 job. We’re the same.

You- the student who is standing up for truth in the classroom. We’re the same.

And the list could go on and on of people who are choosing to be obedient to the call of Christ. It’s not about location. It’s all about obedience.

And that’s the beauty of it all.

We can be on opposite sides of the world, working for the same Kingdom.

So I want to encourage you today to be obedient in the place that God has you.

If you are a Pastor, lead well.

If you are a parent, love well.

If you are an employee, serve well.

If you are a student, learn well.

And as we stay obedient, we can lead others to the love of Christ… together. And that’s a beautiful thing!


One thought on “We’re The Same

  1. Hello Kristen! thank you for this great post. For sure, you’re fill with the Holy Spirit: only Him can make you such a humble person. Keep on writing. Keep on sharing!

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