What Is Your Story?

“Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.” Psalm 66:16

Have you heard the song “My Story” by Big Daddy Weave? If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and check it out…

Go ahead…I’ll wait. 🙂

Okay, now that you have listened… there is a lyric in the song that says, “To tell you my story is to tell of Him.”

And I just can’t get over it. I guess because that’s my prayer.

That when people hear my story…or even more, see my life, they will hear and see Him.

His grace. His mercy. His goodness. His love. All of this wrapped up in my life- during the good times and the bad.

My desire is that my life daily speaks of His faithfulness and His character to those around me. Because ultimately…He is the reason for it all. I know that my peace and my joy don’t come from anything or anyone around me. He is the giver of all good things.

And that is my story.

I’m just the recipient of grace that I don’t deserve, love that I can’t understand, and hope that carries me through each and every day.

What is your story?



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