Mixed Emotions

Madagascar. So many sights. So many sounds. So many smells… lots of smells. 😉

But in the midst of it, my heart is so conflicted. There are times when I’m broken for the people here. And there are times when my heart can’t help but smile.


It’s the young girl that sits on the side of the street with a tumor in her face, begging, with her baby sister laying on the ground next to her.

It’s the people that you see digging in the trash, hoping to find something to eat or something to sell.

It’s the 3-4 year old children begging on the streets, with no parent in sight.

It’s the child at the wellness center who is 4, but has the body of a 2 year old.

It’s the corruption of the government that keeps the country from truly fulfilling its potential.

The list could go on and on.

But then… there are times when my heart just smiles.

It smiles because of the children laughing in the streets, satisfied even with no toys to keep them occupied.

It smiles because of what the Malagasy people do to make things work, even without the latest technology or transportation. They work harder for what they have.

It smiles because of the men and women on the street, selling their food that they made that day.

It smiles because of the culture that has been established, even though it is so different from the one I was raised in.

It smiles because of the people walking down the street, dressed in their “Sunday best” each week to go to worship the Lord.

I’m broken. I’m joyful. But most of all? I’m hopeful.

My heart knows that greater things are coming in Madagascar. I am constantly praying for the people, for their hearts to come to know the joy and hope that only Christ can bring.

And as I make this country my home, I truly believe that the Lord will teach me and guide me. I want to be broken over the things that breaks His heart, but I also want to live in the joy and hope that He has called me to share with the people of Madagascar. What a calling. What an honor. What a God!

– Kristen

Want to know more about the work that Reinier and Kristen are doing in Madagascar? You can email them at missiontomada@gmail.com to receive their newsletter. If you would like to donate, you can go to http://www.worldoutreach.org/donations and search for Kristen. They would love to have you join the vision that God has given them for the country of Madagascar.

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