One. (Part 2 of Blog Series)

This is part 2 of a 3-part blog series. If you haven’t had a chance to read one…you can scroll down and read. Studying Luke 15 together is a great way for us to see new things about a scripture that we have probably heard over and over. We just finished the story of the shepherd and his one-hundred sheep. Now we are looking into the woman with ten coins. Feel free to comment and let us know what stands out for you in the passage!

So on the last blog, we really paid attention to the sheep. We are told in the Bible that we are like sheep. We need our shepherd to guide us and protect us and to ultimately save us when we lose our way.

But today I want to look at this woman with ten coins from a different perspective. I know that it is Christ that truly finds us. We see that in the first story and throughout the Bible. But what if we put ourselves into this parable? What if we, as Christians, are the woman in the story?

You see, this woman has ten coins. She loses one of them and searches her whole house to find the one lost coin. She does everything that she could possibly do to find that coin. And when it is found, she rejoices!

Think about it like this: The coins are souls of people around us. People that we have influence over. People that we come in contact with. Souls that are either going to Heaven or Hell.

I know when I look at my own life, I am convicted.

Because I see that I am surrounded by my nine coins. The coins (people)that are safe. The ones that are following the Lord. They have their hearts and minds in the right place. They are not lost.

But what am I doing for the one lost coin?

Am I really searching the whole house? Am I REALLY doing all that I can to find that coin?

Am I really doing everything that I can to reach that lost person in my life?

This lady could have said that she had nine coins and that life was good. Nine was enough. The one coin that was lost wasn’t really that necessary. I mean, she had nine great coins! She could spend time with those coins. She could love those coins. These coins were nice and clean. Surely these coins would do!

She could have said that she didn’t have the time for the one lost coin. She could have said that searching for that coin was inconvenient. She had better and “more important” things to do than search for this one coin.

So many times, I think we do the same thing. We are comfortable with our nine coins. They are reliable and fun. They think the same way that we do. They act the same way that we do. That lost coin? It can be inconvenient. It can challenge us. It can lead us to places that we never thought that we would go.

And all of it leads us to two questions:

Do I care enough about the one that I am willing to let go of convenience?

Am I willing to do everything that I can to see the one found?

I think it’s when we realize that the value of the coin cannot be really be measured by human standards, the answer then becomes a resounding, “Yes!”

And when we find that coin… when that person that we have invested in, loved, and spoken life into finds the truth of God’s love in their life…we realize that it was worth it all!

The lady in Luke 15 wasn’t upset about the amount of time it took to find the coin. She wasn’t angry that the coin was lost. Like the shepherd, she was simply rejoicing because the coin that was lost was now found. And we can rejoice too.


Because one soul counts.

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