To Kimberly Patrice Evans

Kimberly Patrice Evans- my first niece. Today is your second birthday! A lot has happened in your little life in these two years. And I know that this coming year will be even bigger and better for you.

I know that I’m not with you on your birthday and I know that this letter isn’t something that you will understand now, but in a few years, I hope this letter becomes special to you. Why? Because you are oh so special to me!

I remember praying for you long before you were born. You were an answer to a lot of prayers! And God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you.

I remember hearing about when your mom was pregnant. It was over Skype. It took your Oom Reinier a few seconds to realize what was said!

I remember getting told (over skype yet again) that you were a girl. That dress that was picked out for you before you were born would be on you before you knew it!

I remember seeing you for the first time. You looked so much like your Pops! (Thankfully you have changed since that first day. 😉)

I remember getting to hold you for the first time and you were the smallest, sweetest thing. I was so glad that I got to be in the States for your birth!


I know that I won’t be with you the majority of your life, but know that no matter how far we are, your Aunt Kristen and Oom Reinier love you so much! You have been the hardest part of being on the mission-field. I am missing you growing up, but my hope is that you follow God’s plans for your life as well, no matter what it is.

Because Kimberly, He has such big plans for you! You might not understand it now, but He loves you so much. He loves you even more than anyone on earth ever could. My prayer for you is that you will know this love and that you will trust Him with every part of your life.

As you grow older, you will have so many pressures and expectations put on you by the world. But sweet girl, you are who God made you to be. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.  Be a light in the darkness. Shine for Jesus every day. Let His love radiate through you.

Stay pure. Stay humble. And stay focused on Jesus.

And when you are older and it’s time to get married, don’t rush into your own plan. Don’t settle for anyone less than the person that God has for you. The right man will love God more than He loves you. But it is because of his relationship with God that your relationship with each other will be wonderful. He will be one that you can submit to, because He has submitted to the Lord. You are worth it!

My favorite verse is Ephesians 3:20. It says, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” Kimberly, He has the “immeasurably more” for your life and I can’t wait to see His plan come alive through you!

Like I said, I know this letter will mean nothing to your little two-year old self, so for now, enjoy your Daniel Tiger, gives lots of hugs and kisses to your “mama” and your “dada”, and make sure that your mom keeps sending me cute videos and pictures of you. It means more to me than you know.

I love you Kimberly!

Aunt Kristen

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