Lessons From Joshua (Part One)



So since my last blog (which has been a while…oops!), we have had a pretty big life-change.

Joshua Adin Vorster was born on July 9th and has stolen our hearts (and our sleep) since then! We are thankful for the opportunity to raise him. We know that it’s an honor to be his parents and we can’t wait to see him grow. (Just be aware that most of my Facebook posts and Instagram pics will probably be of him now. He is cuter than the rest of us anyways. ha!) 

So in saying that, this is also my first (probably of many) “Lessons from Joshua” posts… I hope you enjoy!


One thing about this little guy is that he lets us know when he wants something.

Need a bottle? He cries. 

A diaper change? Bring on the tears.

Been in the car seat too long? Yep…you guessed it. He’s letting the whole car know that he isn’t happy!

But the sweetest cry? It’s when he just wants to be held. It makes this mama’s heart smile when he just leans his head on mine or Reiner’s chest and just finds contentment. He isn’t asking for anything. He just wants to be near us.

And during these moments, my thoughts go to our Heavenly Father. There are times when we are like Joshua and we cry out to Him, telling Him our needs and asking that He provide for us. And in those moments, He is there to comfort us and give us what He knows that we need. He is good!

But how much does His heart smile when we come to Him, not because we need anything, but because we just want to be held? Those moments when we don’t come to Him with any requests except for one:

I just want to be with You. 

And in that moment, everything else around us fades away. Our problems don’t seem so big. Our priorities are put in place. And we can rest in His love, knowing that we are secure in Him. It’s oh-so beautiful.

So my challenge for all of us, myself included, is that we find times to rest in His love. Go to your Father-God, not with a long list of things that He can do, but with a desire to just be with Him.

And just like Joshua, we can find rest.


P.S. Thanks to Debbie Click for taking these cute pics. She captured his personality perfectly. 🙂



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