Life According to Disney

Let it go, Let it gooooooo!

Okay, now that the song is in your head, we can begin. 😉

I have been wanting to write a blog lately, but never had any inspiration. I’m one of those people who loves to write, but if nothing comes to me, the website just gets shut down until something pops up in my head…usually when I’m no where near a computer. And that’s what happened yesterday. And so, I present to you…Life According to Disney. 🙂

I began to think about how God wants all of us. He wants us to look at our life and let it go!

I think about the way that I always imagined my life. I would graduate college, get married a year after that, have a child a year after that, be a children’s pastor (in the States, of course), and enjoy the “white picket fence” life. It was going to be great.

But then as I look back, I realize that God has something greater for me. That the ideas I have had in my life…I needed to let go.

And maybe that’s you too.

Maybe you have these expectations of the way life “should” be.

Maybe you have in your head what you will do and where you will live.

Maybe you have your life planned out to the year and to the month and to the day.

Maybe you have that perfect spouse imagined in your head. (Tall, dark, and handsome…of course!)

But…maybe God has something different for you. What if He is leading you to let go of everything you have in store for your life and live the life that He has for you? What if He is calling you to let it go?

Your timeline? let it go.

Your comfort zone? let it go.

Your plans? let it go.

Your finances? let it go.

That relationship? let it go.

And let God do His thing. Because as you release your life into His hands, I can promise you…His way is better.

I wouldn’t have imagined being so excited to move across the world with no air condition, no promise of a flushing toilet in places, and definitely no Casa Ole, but somehow…in the midst of God’s perfect plan, I know that I am right where I want and need to be.

Because in the midst of letting it go, you find that He gives us even more in return.

So let that be an encouragement for you today. My prayer is that we can let go of everything that we hold so dear and embrace the life that He has for us!


P.S. Would you like to support me in this life that God is leading me in? If you would like to help in this mission to Madagascar, it’s easy and tax deductible. The fastest way is to make an Online Donation via and select my name from the list. You can also set up automatic monthly gifts if you select the “Monthly” option. Or simply mail your gift to World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate it for Kristen Evans #441

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