The Story. :)

Hello from Madagascar! It has been a blast being back in my other home for the last week. I think it is safe to say that a lot has happened… I have preached twice, did the children’s lesson at the Wellness Center, and what was that other thing again? Oh yeah… I GOT ENGAGED! I’m so excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with this amazing guy who has taught me what it is like to truly be pursued. He loves me well. 🙂

So for all of you romantic people out there, I thought that I could tell you how it all went down. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw the photos, but the whole story is pretty fun!

Reinier and I had a meeting about extending my Visa at the MAF office. MAF is Mission Aviation Fellowship and they fly missionaries around to minister at different locations, but also help us with our visas, which is a major blessing. So we were having this real meeting about my visa, and Patrick, one of the pilots (and Reinier’s old neighbor) comes in and says that he is about to take the plane for a quick 5 min ride to make sure that the autopilot on the plane was working well. (Why I got on a plane that I wasn’t sure was working 100%, I do not know haha). So we finished up with the meeting and walked to the 4 person plane that was outside. I sat in the front seat and we took off. He even let me fly the plane for a minute (which I was too short to see the nose of the plane, so I had to sit on something… funny.) We flew over different villages and the scenery was beautiful!

Well, Patrick says that because it’s someone else’s plane, he is going to practice landing it since he doesn’t get much of a chance to do so anymore. We land on a dirt runway and I look to the side and see a table with a table cloth and flowers and plates sitting in an open field. (And yes, that’s when I knew!). We got out of the plane (with a big smile on my face of course) and walked to the table. Patrick was taking pictures of us and it was just a fun moment. He then pulls a book out of the bag under the table…. It is a picture book (like shutterfly) of pics from Madagascar ministry and our relationship. The last page of the book was a picture of him on one knee with the caption, “Will you marry me?” … Romantic right?

So he gets on one knee, does that whole proposal thing, and I say yes…with full confidence. 🙂 I then see someone moving in the tall grass on the other side of the plane. I say hello because I thought it was one of our friends. It was actually his brother and the friend popped up on the other side of the field…. I laughed pretty hard. But we got lots of good pictures because of them, so I won’t complain! 🙂

So yeah, that’s our story. I think that it’s a pretty good one. And I think that I got a pretty good guy. 🙂

So, what are our plans?? Well, He will come to the States in December, we will get married in January, and then head to South Africa for a second, smaller ceremony. After the honeymoon, we will head back to Madagascar to begin this crazy missions life together. I couldn’t be more excited. He has been on the field for 8 years already and I have full confidence in what he is doing. He leads the Bible School, is one of the Pastors at the church, leads the Wellness Center (feeding project), and so much more. It will be an exciting ride to walk alongside him as his wife!

As we prepare for marriage during this season, will you pray for us?

-Pray for a fresh anointing on both of our ministries

-Pray for unity in our relationship

-Pray for finances as we work on buying a car, paying for visa costs, and raising monthly support .

-Pray for lives in the States, South Africa, and Madagascar to be touched through our lives and relationship.

Thanks so much for your investment into our lives and for reading about our story! There is so much more to tell, but that will be for another day. Love you guys!

Kristen (soon to be) Vorster. 🙂

P.S. Want to support us as we reach the people of Madagascar? The fastest way is to make an Online Donation via and select my name from the list. You can also set up automatic monthly gifts if you select the “Monthly” option. Or simply mail your gift to World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate it for Kristen Evans #441


2 thoughts on “The Story. :)

  1. Kristen, so happy to see you have a blog. Congratulations again! You may not know it, and we didn’t know you then, but me and the boys have been praying for you for over 6 years!

    Because Reinier is such a great friend to our family, and a sort of Madagascar-Uncle to our boys, and because we love him, we’ve been praying that God would give him the desires of his heart, including the perfect wife for him. We’re pretty stoked that we can see the answer to these prayers in you! 🙂

    So happy to have you join our Madagascar community and looking forward to getting to know you better.
    With love from, Family Plett. 🙂

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